Corpus Christi, Consort

The Catholic history in Consort, Alberta dates back to 1915 with the dedication of Saint Andrew’s Catholic Church, which included missions in Veteran and Altario. The first parish priest was Rev. Louis Leconte (1915-1921).

The original church structure was located in the southwest corner of the Consort town site and was moved by tractors and winches up Main Street (50th Street) to its present location beside the existing rectory in 1946, guided by Rev. Timothy Wheeler. A basement had been poured to receive the structure, which provided the parishioners with a hall for fellowship and all of the modern conveniences.

Major renovations to the old Saint Andrew’s structure took place in 1972, guided by Rev. Gerard MacInnis in response to the liturgy changes initiated by the Second Vatican Council.

As buildings go, the old wooden structure was inspected in 2001 and found to be less than sound for public use due to ground water damage from poor drainage. Fund raising began that same year and on March 8, 2003 the sod was turned for the new church and construction began in late May, 2003.

During this period there were many parishes merging and church closings within the Archdiocese of Edmonton. The parishioners of Saint Andrew’s felt that God’s gift of a new church, under the direction of Rev. Mark McGee, was a new beginning for the Catholic families of east central Alberta. A name change for the church was in order. Corpus Christi (The Body and Blood of Christ) was chosen from the many submissions by the parishioners and was accepted without hesitation by the Archdiocese.

On September 28, 2003, guided by Rev. Paul Kavanagh, the move was made to Corpus Christi church for the first mass. Archbishop Thomas Collins dedicated the new church on June 13, 2004.

Corpus Christi Parish became part of St. Mary’s Parish in Provost in August of 2005 under the direction of Rev. Joselito Empleo Cantal.

From 2012-2018, Corpus Christi was served by Rev. Mahesh Rathinasami SAC, and in August 2018, we welcomed Rev. Jean-Claude Ndanga CFIC, as our new Pastor.

The parishioners of Corpus Christi would like to take the opportunity to thank our friends at St. Mary’s Parish in Provost for their friendship and many gifts over the last few years. We pray that our association with each other will continue for many years to come.